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Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volume 12

December 2014, Vol. 12, No. 1


  • Toward a Scientific Study of the Healthy Child: The Orgonomic Infant Research Center (1948-1951)
    Philip W. Bennett, Ph.D. reviews the background, development, promise, and achievements of this research project on infant and child development that was initiated by Reich and his professional colleagues. He also describes the factors that ultimately led to the project’s demise.
  • The Relevance of Wilhelm Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism to the Struggle Against Fascism, a Project Shared by Herbert Marcuse
    David Brahinsky, Ph.D. describes significant parallels between the social visions of both men, while also detailing the potential significance of Reich’s later discoveries for achieving these goals; discoveries which were, however, dismissed by Marcuse.
  • Orgone Therapy: Functional Method, Creative Art, and Open Questions
    Dorothea Fuckert, M.D. describes marked changes in the nature of armoring and character structure in her patient population in recent decades, and the modifications of therapeutic technique that she has introduced to address the needs of her patients.
  • Emotional First Aid: Applications of Orgone Therapy in a General Medical Practice
    Drawing on clinical vignettes from her medical training and from her long-term private medical practice in rural Maine, Eva Reich, M.D. movingly describes her therapeutic use of expression of repressed emotion in patients presenting with acute somatic symptoms.
  • Addressing Disturbances in Contact in the Beginning Phases of Orgone Therapy
    Daniel J. Schiff, Ph.D. employs a case study to illustrate the essential role of contact in the early phases of therapeutic process, describing a pivotal session in which the client was encouraged to maintain contact with emerging emotion in his eyes by means of focused awareness and direct expression of feelings toward a distinct object.
  • Adventures in Defamation
    Morton Herskowitz, D.O. provides a detailed review of journalist Christopher Turner’s recent book Adventures in the Orgasmatron, and its historical antecedents in the distortion and misrepresentation of Wilhelm Reich and his work.
  • In Memoriam
    contains memorial tributes to two late founders of the Institute for Orgonomic Science, Courtney F. Baker, M.D and Louisa Lance, M.D.
Communications and Notes:
    • Recent lectures and publications by members of the Institute
    • Announcements of forthcoming conferences and educational programs involving members of the Institute
    • Listings and / or brief descriptions of recent orgonomy – related books
    • An announcement of the Training Program in Orgonomic Therapy offered by the Institute
    • Manuscript preparation instructions for papers submitted to the Annals