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Public Education

The Institute for Orgonomic Science (IOS) is dedicated to educating the public on all issues related to the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy. Specific questions can be directed to the IOS via this website. The IOS on occasion sponsors various seminars, lectures and workshops. Additionally, members of the IOS are available for public speaking engagements, workshops and to participate in seminars and conferences.

Past presentations have focused on various topics, some oriented for the general public and others for professionals in healthcare and the natural sciences. A sample of the topics our members have addressed include:

  • An introduction to Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy
  • The function of the orgasm
  • Psychotherapy and character analysis
  • The mind/body connection and Reich’s concept of armor
  • The history of orgonomy
  • Work democracy
  • The bion experiments
  • The orgone energy accumulator: History, design, and use
  • General introduction to psychiatric orgone therapy
  • Orgone therapy for adults
  • Orgone therapy for children and adolescents
  • Reich’s weather control experiments
  • Personal recollections of Reich
  • Orgonomic “first aid”
  • “Hands on” workshop to build your own orgone accumulator blanket
  • Somatic psychotherapy

If you or your organization are interested in having an IOS member provide educational services please contact us.

115 Charles Street, Basement E
New York, NY 10014, USA
(610) 896-4466
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