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Training in Orgonomic Therapy

The Institute for Orgonomic Science (IOS) offers training in orgonomic therapy to qualified individuals worldwide. In the United States, orgonomic training is available on the East and West coasts, and in Europe in selected countries. Individual treatment and supervision are adjusted according to the trainee’s location, with some courses and training sessions conducted by video conferencing.

Application is open to individuals who have completed a graduate level clinical degree program in medicine, psychology, counseling, nursing, or clinical social work. Applicants must also have had a minimum of one year of post-graduate clinical experience in a psychiatric setting. They must be licensed, or eligible for licensing, according to regulations that apply in their locality. Applicants for this program must undergo therapy with an approved orgone therapist or have completed a full course of treatment with a qualified therapist.

If you desire to apply for training or would like more information regarding training opportunities in your area, please contact the IOS. A member of the training committee will be informed of your interest and will get back to you.