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Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volume 14

This issue of the Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science is dedicated to the memory of Morton Herskowitz, D.O.

Volume 14, No. 1, (December 2018)


  • In Memoriam: Morton Herskowitz, D.O. (1918 – 2018) by Dorothy Burlage, Ph.D. and C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D. In this memorial tribute, Dr. Herskowitz’s long and rich life is described, and several unique qualities that he expressed in his life and work are noted.

  • Morton Herskowitz – A Life in Photographs – This photo-essay traces his life from childhood and student years through his time with Reich, with his family and into his later years.

  • Published Writings of Morton Herskowitz, D.O. – A complete list of citations of his published writings.

  • Morton Herskowitz, D.O.: Remembrances and Reflections – Included are nine moving contributions by students, colleagues, patients, and family members.

  • The Roots of Fascism According to Wilhelm Reich by David Brahinsky, Ph.D. As relevant today as when it was first presented in 1933, Reich’s analysis of fascism is described here in the context of his work as a whole.

  • Psychiatric Orgone Therapy by Morton Herskowitz, D.O. A transcript of his 1993 lecture in Germany, this article is a succinct introduction to orgone therapy. The material discussed is elaborated on in greater depth in his book Emotional Armoring: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy.

  • Self-Regulation in Children by Morton Herskowitz, D.O. In this excerpt from his book Emotional Armoring: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy, many aspects of child development and its disturbances are discussed based on his clinical long clinical experience.

  • An Interview with Eleanor Roosevelt by Alice Kahn Ladas, Ed.D. Includes a transcript of her historic 1951 meeting with Mrs. Roosevelt, accompanied by Dr. A. Allan Cott, in which various aspects of orgonomy, self-regulation in child-rearing, and the Oranur Experiment were discussed.

  • Observations on the Natural Organization of Protozoa by Charles I. Oller, M.D. Originally presented as an exhibit at the Wilhelm Reich Museum in 1980, selected photomicrographs and descriptive captions documenting systematic laboratory research undertaken from 1970 to 1971 are presented with a commentary from correspondence between James E. Strick, Ph.D. and Robert A. Dew, M.D.

  • Clinical Vignettes: “Children Connect with Natural Life” and “Stiff as a Board” by Dorothy Burlage, Ph.D. The benefits of contact with living plants and animals in the therapy of children are movingly illustrated, as is the author’s approach to helping a young boy over come muscular rigidity and as he learns to play ball.

  • Commentary on Social Issues: A Refutation of Political Misuses of Reich’s Work by Morton Herskowitz, D.O. The misuse of Reich’s work by some members of an orgonomic organization in the service of their political agenda is described and critiqued.

  • Book Review: Orgonomic Midwifery: An Introductory Textbook by Peter Jones is reviewed by Morton Herskowitz, D.O. This ground-breaking introduction to the use of orgonomic concepts and methods in childbirth is described.

  • In Memoriam: includes memorial tributes to orgone therapists Karl Georg Fossum, M.D. and Selma Carol Stoll, D.O.; and to Mary Boyd Higgins, the long-time director of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust.