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Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volume 3

September 1986, No. 1

    • Editorial: The Ocular Block
    • Studies of the Reich Blood Test in Cancer Mice
      by C. F. Baker, and R.A. Dew. pp. 1-11
    • The Effects of Calcium on Preparation 6
      by C. F. Baker and P.S. Burlingame. pp.12-17
    • Human Armoring: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
      (Chapters 1-3) by M. Herskowitz. pp. 18-34
    • The Ocular Character
      by D. L. Schwendeman. pp. 35-42
    • Clinical Symposia: The Ocular Segment, Part III.
      pp. 43-49
    • The ORAC: Tests on Human Subjects: The (Psycho-) Physiological Effects of the Reich Orgone Accumulator
      by S. Muschenich and R. Gebauer. pp. 50-53
    • Joseph Newman’s Energy Machine
      by S.S. Nagy. pp. 53-54
    • A Bioelectric Circulation; Its Function in Health and Disease
      by R. A. Dew. pp. 54-56
    • On the Vegetative Antithesis
      by R. A. Dew. p. 56
    • Orgone Energy and Plant Life
      by J. Espanca. pp. 57-62
Book Reviews:
    • The First Relationship: Infant and Mother
      by Daniel Stern, reviewed by M. Herskowitz. pp. 63-68
    • The Freud Controversy: Review of Three Works on Freud
      by B. S. Braid. pp. 68-71
    • Notes from the Workshop of Applied Orgonometry
      by Jacob Meyerowitz, reviewed by C. F. Baker. pp. 71-73