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Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volume 5

September 1988, No. 1

    • Reich’s Bioelectric Experiments: A Review With Recent Data
      by B.S. Braid and R. A. Dew. pp. 1-18
    • Human Armoring: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
      (Chapter 5) by M. Herskowitz. pp. 19-32
    • The Management of a Case of Substitute Contact
      by M. Ganz. pp. 33-36
    • A Case of Longstanding Borderline to Mild Hypertension
      by A. Nelson. pp. 37-39
    • Considerations in the Treatment of Ocular Armoring
      by D. L. Schwendeman. pp. 40-51
    • Clinical Symposia: Somatic Biopathies
      pp. 52-62
    • Bechamp: A Discoverer of the Bion Vesicle
      by R. A. Dew. pp. 63-65
    • Pleomorphism
      by R. A. Dew. pp. 66-70
    • Growing Interest in Circumcision and its Effects
      by R. Hilig. pp. 71-73
    • Appreciating Reich as an Artist
      by L. Lance. p. 73
    • To-T
      by C.F. Baker and P.S. Burlingame. pp. 74-80
Book Reviews:
    • Wilhelm Reich in Hell by Robert Anton Wilson
      reviewed by M. Herskowitz. pp. 81-86
    • The Cancer Cure That Worked
      by Barry Lynes with John Crane, reviewed by I. Bauer. pp. 87-93
    • Self Psychology from the Perspective of Evolutionary Biology: Toward a Biological Foundation of Self Psychology
      by Daniel Kriegman in Frontiers in Self-Psychology, Chapter 13, Volume 3, reviewed by D. L. Schwendeman. pp. 94-95