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Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volume 6

September 1989, No. 1

(available in photocopy only)


    • Reich’s Experiment XX
      by R. A. Dew. pp. 1-32
    • Reports on Treatments with Orgone Energy
      by D. Opfermann-Fuckert. pp. 33-52
    • Human Armoring: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
      (Chapter 6) by M. Herskowitz. pp. 53-68
    • Clinical Symposia – Introduction to issues of marital, family, and couples counseling
      pp. 69-75
    • The Reich Blood Test
      by C. F. Baker and P. S. Burlingame. pp. 76-82
Book Reviews:
    • Passion of Youth, Wilhelm Reich – An Autobiography
      1897-1922, edited by Mary Boyd Higgins and Chester M. Raphael, M.D, reviewed by M. Herskowitz. pp. 83-87
    • The Case of the Midwife Toad by Arthur Koestler
      by Arthur Koestler, reviewed by D. C. Hughes. pp. 88-94