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Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volume 9

March 1999, No. 1

    • The Metabolism of the Orgone
      by R. A. Dew. pp. 1-14
    • Do Not Touch!
      by M. Herskowitz. pp. 15-19
    • Human Armoring: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
      (Chapter 9) by M. Herskowitz. pp. 20-21
    • Clinical Symposia – What works and What Doesn’t in Orgone Therapy
      pp. 22-32
    • Clinical Symposia – Problems in Clinical Practice
      pp. 33-45
    • Imagine a School
      by Z. Readhead-Neill. pp. 46-49
    • Self-regulation in Learning Works!
      by D. Fuckert. pp. 50-52
    • Some Personal thoughts on My Psychiatric Residency and Orgonomy…Then and Now
      by I. Bertelsen. pp. 53-58
    • Observations of a Psychiatric Resident
      by L. Stockton. pp. 59-60
    • Some Recollections of a Psychoanalysis with Wilhelm Reich: September 1929-April 1932
      by O. S. English. pp. 61-70