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Back issues of the Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volumes 1-10 to be made freely available online

Over the next few months, we plan to make back issues of these ten early issues available as free pdf downloads. These issues contain valuable scientific articles and clinical reports and symposia that we wish to make accessible to as many people as possible. Many thanks to IOS member Stergios Tsiormpatzis for scanning the high-quality pdfs. (Please note – hardcopies of some of these issues can still be ordered for your personal library as long as they remain in print).

We are starting with the first to issues of the Annals, described here:

A Refutation of Political Misuses of Reich’s Work

Dr. Charles Konia, who is a leader in the American College of Orgonomy, has written an article on his personal website called, “Why Trump is Hated By the Left” (1). He writes:

“From a characterological perspective, Trump belongs somewhere on the political right. His armor is primarily in his musculature not in his intellect as in the case of a leftist. He has a strong moral sense of “right” and “wrong” and probably will not be afraid to use his authority defending his convictions when he feels it necessary to do so.

July 10-14: The Voice of Wilhelm Reich Summer Conference

The Wilhelm Reich Museum is offering a unique opportunity to participate in a conference with Reich himself.

Reich recorded a series of lectures and meetings with his students between 1949 and 1955. Now “The Voice of Wilhelm Reich” will present five of those audio tapes for study and discussion:

  • The importance of Method in Scientific Research and Reich’s Discovery of the Armor
  • Reich Speaks of Freud
  • Problems of A New Medicine
  • The Oranur Experiment
  • Man’s Roots in Nature

The tapes will be introduced by science historian James Strick, Ph.D., author of Wilhelm Reich, Biologist (Harvard U. Press, 2015).

Programs will take place during the morning hours and there will be special evening activities. Afternoons will be free so that participants can vacation in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes Region in the Western Mountains of Maine.

STUDENT FEE (25% off): $206.25 (for full-time students with student documentation)

Registration fee includes tuition, information packet, daily homemade breakfast and refreshments. Registration may be made with check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Please call us at: (207) 864-3443. Or email us at: [email protected].

IRS regulations permit an income tax deduction for educational expenses to maintain or improve professional skills.

Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, bunkhouses, lakefront cottages and lakefront campgrounds are available in and around Rangeley. We encourage you to make your reservations early as July is Rangeley’s busy season. For more information, contact the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-685-2537 or click here.

Please share this Update with colleagues, friends, and family who may be interested in the life and legacy of Wilhelm Reich and the good works of The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and The Wilhelm Reich Museum. Thank you again for your friendship and support.