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First Nordic-Baltic Orgonomic Conference

Helsinki, 7-8 June 2014

The first ever Nordic-Baltic Orgonomic Conference: “Health, Therapy and Society: the Contemporary Relevance of Wilhelm Reich’s Discoveries,” June 7th and 8th, with post-conferents events on June 10, 112014, to be held in Helsinki, Finland.

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 Philip W. Bennett PhD, author / lecturer
[email protected][email protected]

Was first introduced to Reich’s work as a university student in the early sixties. At that time he underwent therapy with an orgone therapist trained by Reich himself. His interest in Reich was rekindled in 2004 and since then he has spoken about aspects of Reich’s work in many events worldwide. He has published a number of articles in peer-review academic journals on aspects of Reich’s life. His main focus is on Reich’s social and political thought and activities, and he is currently working on a book entitled From Communism to Work-Democracy: the Development of Wilhelm Reich’s Social and Political Thought.


Peter Jones, retired midwife
Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education – [email protected]

Active student of orgonomy more than 50 years. His therapy with Ola Raknes offer him a great learning experience. Interested in preventive work with babies, he trained as a midwife to research orgone therapy in childbirth and his book on Orgonomic Midwifery is available in 4 languages. Active in orgonomic microscopy since 1997, has publish a book on the bions, Artificers of Fraud while his Collected Orgonomic Papers is being prepared for publication. Has given presentations at orgonomic conferences and meetings, has organized schools for orgonomy while his Orgonomic Midwifery Course is going to begin next year.


Jan Pesonen, psychotherapist
The Finnish Institute of Characteranalytic Body Psychotherapy – [email protected]

Chairman of The Finnish Institute of Characteranalytic Body Psychotherapy


Stergios Tsiormpatzis, holistic practitioner
Orgone Natureland – [email protected]

Have first contact with the work of Reich in school, while exploring antiauthoritarian views on education. Since then is constantly studying the work of Reich in many fields, has constructed and experimented with many orgone devices and have give lectures on orgonomy in Greece and Cyprus. Has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu as well as orgone therapy and Gentle Bio-Energetics. Lives in Finland since 2012, working as a holistic practitioner. Has established the Orgone Ecology Laboratory in Vihti area and is very interested in neurology and multiple sclerosis as well as in midwifery and prevention work.

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