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Orgonomic Midwifery: An Introductory Textbook


Orgonomic midwifery is the practice of midwifery informed by orgone-therapeutic knowledge and methods.

Orgone therapy is a little known body/mind form of psycho-therapy which was developed by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) in the nineteen thirties. It is the original body-orientated psycho-therapy and was the first to involve work with people’s breathing, muscular tension, and bodily attitudes, as well as the more conventional aspects of psycho-therapy that most people take for granted, feelings, blocks to feelings, emotional contact, family history, and so on. All other body-orientated therapies are based on his discoveries.

Reich discovered that an individual’s own history is literally built into their organism by the process of muscular armouring, chronic muscular tension formed in childhood. This has a disruptive effect on the autonomic nervous system and many of the physiological functions of the organism such as digestion, breathing, circulation, and, significantly for us, childbirth.

Reich devised ways of releasing these tensions which involved working with patients’ muscles, breathing, and physical holdings and attitudes. It is possible to use these methods as short-term first aid during labour to enable a woman to surrender to the spontaneous movements and urges of labour and to enjoy the process more. Armouring produces physiological conflict with inappropriate stimulation of the sympathetic side of the ANS resisting the natural parasympathetic urges of labour.

By supporting a labouring woman’s breathing in simple ways using verbal advice and a few gentle physical interventions a midwife or labour companion can help her to labour more effectively and less painfully. Orgone-therapeutic methods allow us to make contact with and influence a woman’s autonomic nervous system and the process of labour without intrusive intervention or risk.

This book shows how these methods work, how to use the simplest of them in everyday midwifery work, and enables you to understand the autonomic nervous system orgone-therapeutically. It also includes a chapter on the importance of these factors in breast-feeding, in particular on the importance of the baby’s capacity for expansion at birth and responsive bio-energetic contact between baby and mother. The author worked for 15 years as an NHS hospital midwife.

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