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The Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project (KickStarter)

Kickstarter campaign ends at 8:00 pm on November 21st.

About this project

Austrian born Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957) was a brilliant psychoanalytic student of Sigmund Freud and a neuro-psychiatric student of Nobel laureate Julius Wagner-Jauregg.

Reich’s wide-ranging social, medical and scientific work included promoting sexual health, standardizing and advancing therapeutic techniques, analyzing the psychology of fascism as manifested in both Nazism and Communism, conducting cellular research, investigating the origin of cancer and other diseases, developing experimental treatments for terminal cancer patients, and carrying out innovative climate research.

Tragically his books and published research journals were banned and burned by the United States government in 1956 and 1960, and Reich died in a Federal penitentiary in 1957.

How could such a thing have happened in America, the country to which Reich–an outspoken antifascist—had emigrated just four days before the outbreak of World War Two? What was in Reich’s publications that so threatened people in power that they felt they must destroy them to keep people from reading them?

For decades Reich’s ideas and work have been carelessly and dishonestly misrepresented in the academic, medical and scientific communities, as well as in the media and on the Internet—including Wikipedia—by those whose knowledge of Reich is not based on accurate information.

Finally, a factually accurate, full-length documentary film about Reich has been meticulously researched and written, and a serious effort is now underway to fund this film. This documentary will not only correct the distorted narratives about Reich, but will also educate viewers about the potential benefits of Reich’s work for today’s medicine and science.

Please, this film project needs your help!

Your contribution to this Kickstarter fundraising campaign will help ensure that Reich’s pioneering insights into psychological and physical heath, and the health of the planet, will be presented factually and compellingly to a wide variety of audiences.